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Everything You Need To Facilitate Fun & Engaging Storytelling Activities for Adults

Adding Memories In Writing story sharing sessions to your activity calendar will quickly become the activity that residents are eager to join.   Our workshop makes it easy for participants to capture, share and preserve their stories by guiding them through their early years, adulthood, dating, marriage, parenting, beliefs, opinions, and more. 

A MIW Workshop subscriptions includes everything needed to facilitate storytelling / story capturing sessions:

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  • 25 activity & memory prompting videos

  • Printable activity & story capturing worksheets for each session

  • Facilitator Training Material

You have access to all of the workshop materials during your subscription period and can conduct story sharing sessions as many times as you like.

3 benefits of offering the MIW Workshop:

Promotes residents' mental and emotional health

Increases employee engagement and satisfaction

Gives your senior living center an edge over the competition

From happier, healthier residents to more engaged, satisfied employees, storytelling is a gift that keeps on giving.  Our workshop session videos, activity and story sharing worksheets simplifies the process of capturing, preserving and sharing your residents’ stories.  


Reminiscing activities demonstrate to your prospects that you’re the kind of place that will celebrate the lives they lived before arriving.