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Our clients - helping to capture and preserve stories... one memory at a time!

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Captured Memories Workbook

Our Captured Memories Workbook is a wonderful gift and beautiful keepsake! it is spiral bound, filled with 90 pages of memory prompts that help people relive their fondest memories and preserve their life story.  Workbook recipients can complete it on their own; or your employees, volunteers, client family members and friends can use the workbook to engage and interact with individuals in their care.  Workbooks can also be used during MIW Workshops or completed outside of a workshop 
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Completed workbooks make a treasured gift; or the workbook and a selection of photos can be sent to Memories In Writing and we will create a full color hardbound book. Information is located inside the workbook   [Learn More]​


Advertising on the back cover of our workbook will differentiate you from the competition and keep you top-of-mind for your clients’ future needs!
You'll also benefit from glowing referrals when recipients share their completed workbook with family and friends.


Purchase A MIW Workshop Subscription Today!

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MIW Workshop

Everything You Need To Facilitate Fun & Engaging Storytelling Activities for Adults

Adding Memories In Writing story sharing sessions to your activity calendar will quickly become the activity that residents are eager to join.   Our workshop makes it easy for participants to capture, share and preserve their stories by guiding them through their early years, adulthood, dating, marriage, parenting, beliefs, opinions, and more. 


  • 25 activity & memory prompting videos

  • Printable activity & story capturing worksheets for each session

  • Facilitator Training Material


Enjoy unlimited story sessions during the life of your subscription


MIW Workshop & Workbook Pkg.


Question: "Can I purchase the MIW Workbook package without a workshop subscription?"

Answer: Absolutely, you can purchase one of our bulk packages and distribute our spiral bound workbook without a workshop subscription. 

Workbooks contain questions and memory prompts that can be answered at the MIW Workshop or outside of the workshop.

3 benefits of storytelling:

Promotes residents' mental and emotional health

Increases employee engagement and satisfaction

Gives your senior living center an edge over the competition

About Us

The MIW Workshop is a product of Memories In Writing.  Since 2012, Memories In Writing has been dedicated to providing easy and affordable solutions to help individuals and families capture, preserve, and share their stories. Our goal is to offer easy and affordable solutions to individuals and families to preserve their family stories for current and future generations. 

Memories Are Priceless, That's why we make it affordable for individuals to preserve theirs...

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